About us

Welcome to the website of the «Maestrolli» company. Here you can find information about our company and principles of business, as well as purchase natural, tasty, healthy, high-quality and affordable sunflower oil. «Maestrolli» is a leading producer and exporter of sunflower oil and seed products in the Russian Federation. As a manufacturer, we offer the most favorable conditions of cooperation for our partners and the best quality for our customers.

In our business we adhere to the principles of:

  • Responsibility – we production and supply of only quality and healthy products.
  • Professionalism – we providea high level of service and support of our partners.
  • Team cohesion – we managed to gather together professionals in their field, people truly passionate about the common cause. For our team we create the best conditions for development.

The company’s permanent purpose is not only the production and supply of products to customers in accordance with contract obligations, but also the development of long-term, open and mutually beneficial partnerships.

The high quality of food products we supply as well as an open and efficient supply chain, allows us not only to maintain a leading position in the Russian Federation, but also to export our products to other countries.

Maestrolli organic products
Organic products.

At each plant of the company, experts from the quality control department take samples of incoming raw materials. Only natural and organic products are used in the production.

Maestrolli  quality control
Quality control.

We pay we pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products. Each batch of sunflower oil passes laboratory tests and has certificates of quality.

Maestrolli logistics
Efficient logistics.

Our own logistics department will provide efficient and stable supply of products to your warehouses  located in the Russia and worldwide. 

Love Maestolli
Favorite foods.

We are very pleased when customers choose our brands and products, we are appreciated it a lot and will try to do our business better and better!