We deliver ready products through our own transport department with 24/7 partner support. Our team has extensive practical experience in this area and helps to resolve issues related to transportation of any complexity in Russia, the CIS countries, as well as export shipment. We export products to 30 countries of the world. And ready to arrange delivery with key support to your warehouse by the following types of transport:

Delivery by trucks
Truck delivery

Delivery of bottled products across Russia and the CIS countries 0.9l, 1l, 5l on pallets. Bulk is available. Minimum quantity for shipment 20 MT.

Delivery by rail
Railway delivery

Delivery of sunflower oil in bulk and bottled products across Russia, CIS countries and for export 0.9l, 1l, 5l. Minimum quantity for shipment 60 MT.

Delivery by sea containers
By sea containers

Delivery of bottled products for export 0.9l, 1l, 5l on pallets. Shipment in bulk is viable. Minimum quantity for shipment  20 MT.


Maestrolli Logistics

Shipment of orders to partners in Russia and for export is carried out from warehouses located in the Altai Territory, Samara Region and Krasnodar Territory.

Shipping by sea transport takes place through the ports of Astrakhan and Novorossiysk. The close proximity to seaports allows us to supply products for export with the best conditions in the shortest possible time.

Transit time –  1 to 55 days, depending on the location of the recipient city.

Over the years of activity, we have developed, in our opinion, the most profitable ways and methods for transportation of products to our partners. While order placing, inform your personal manager which mode of transport is most convenient for you to take delivery. Our experts will take into account all the details of delivery to your warehouse and prepare an individual offer for your preview.

Export to 30 countries around the world
More than 100 partners around the world
Production capacity 600 MT per day
24/7 Partner support (logistcs, shipment, delivery)